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Our Mission

The Board of Directors of Citadel Center Homeowners Association has as its mission these three priorities:
1.) To protect the corporate and non-profit status of the association,
2.) To collect and use wisely the assessments remitted by homeowners for the association, and
3.) To enter into contracts which have as its purpose the beautification of our community , and the welfare and protection of our residents.

1.Reducing and eliminating crime;

2.Eliminating deteriorating housing;

3.Improving the quality of the businesses in our community;

4.Encouraging responsible home ownership and increasing residents skills in caring for their homes;

5.Connecting those in need with services and resources;

6.Connecting with area youth for positive recreational activities.



The following themes are ideas concerning ways to improve their neighborhood.


Install secure mail boxes where need in Citadel Center

Convert Citadel Drive to a Boulevard

Preserve the green space in the community

Develop the land where Metro Police station was

Property Maintenance for seniors

Remove trash and maintain the cleanliness of Citadel Drive and Bushman Drive

Collaborate with tenants and their associations in the Blue Hills and Citadel


Increase participation in the Neighborhood Association by creating an atmosphere where everyone can become involved and feel welcomed

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