Citadel Center Homeowners' Association

Committees & Structures 

The By-Laws of the Association require that 2 committees be established to help manage the business of the community. they are the Architectural Committee and the Finance Committee. There are two additional committees have been established to help cultivate goodwill and a neighborly spirit within our community. They are the Block Committee, Contact Committee, and the Cultural Committee.

Architectural/Landscape Committee


Purpose: Monitor the style and color of home additions and maintain the common areas.

Current Chair: Evelyn Hedge

Phone: 816-822-7778


Block Contact Committee


Purpose: Act as liaisons with and between board members and residents. keep in touch with residents and respond with condolences and congratulations.

Current Chair: Carl Cooper

Phone: 816-852-0008


Cultural Committee


Purpose: Initiate community activities to keep residents involved and in touch with one another.

Current Chair: Deidra Smith

Phone: 816-822-7778


Finance Committee


Purpose: Audit expenses quarterly and to encourage the payment of assessments.

Current Chair: Evelyn Harden

Phone: 816-822-7778


Ad Hoc/By-Laws Committee


Purpose: Revise, delete, or add language that reflect current legal practices for Home Associations.

Current Chair: Coming Soon