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Citadel Center Homeowners Association

Block Contact

Block Contact Person 

Marvin Rodgers, 59th. Terr.

Jennifer Boyd, 61st. Terr. & 60th Terr.

Judith Boyd, Michigan Ave.

Donna Buckles-Neal, 60th St.

Sharon Butler, 61st Terr. & 60th Terr.

Candace Cheatem, Woodland Ave.

Carl Cooper, 61st Terr. & Euclid Ave.

Charles Harris, Blue Hills & Highland Ave.

Mrs. Pat Jones-Macklin Brooklyn Ave.

Gary Maltbia, 61St.

Jesse Overton, Michigan Ave.

Zackary Shelby, 59th Terr.

Rochelle Slaughter, 59th Terr.

Ralph & Lynn Watson, E. 60th Terr.

James Maddox (emeritus), 59th Terr.



How to Get in Touch...

Please feel free to call the Citadel Homeowner's Association Office at 816-226-8372 or send a board member or block captain an email at:


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